Workshop with Stevan – Saturday, October 24th

Sitting and Breathing into Being, Saturday, October 24th 1-3 PM. . . This workshop offers a brief practical overview of the Pranayamas ( techniques associated with the breath) and their powerful, manifold benefits. Participants will explore various practical breathing skills, through the Awareness, Observation, Control and Manipulation of the flow of breath and Vital Life Energy-Prana. It was said once: “When the mind slows, the spirit flowers.” Part 2 of this workshop will also focus on some of the basic meditational techniques that will prepare us for that space in between our thoughts, wherein we can practice contemplation and mindfulness. Finally we will discover the sacred and visually beautiful language of Mudras (the energetic hand gestures) and their healing modalities, which will then latter on be used in physical yogasana practice. The benefit of finishing this workshop is that the participants will then be able to dive deeper into their yogic practice within the next workshop titled: ” Anatomy and Physiology of Emotions- The Practice of Namaskars”. Cost of this 2-hour workshop is $50.