Intro to Qigong Workshop

Have you met our newest instructor, Grace? Interested in learning more about Qigong? Join Grace Stephen as she leads this Qigong introductory workshop August 23rd from 2-4 PM. Can’t wait until August 23rd? Grace teaches Qigong at 11:00 AM on Mondays, Yoga at 10:30 AM on Wednesdays and Qigong/Yoga Fusion at 11:00 AM on Friday.
Originating in China, Qi Gong refers to an ancient practice of healing. This practice allows us to use our innate ability to self-heal. Learning Qi Gong allows the practitioner to enjoy slow, graceful movements, while using visualization and sound as a method of achieving a healthier mind and body. Deep abdominal breathing creates a rhythmic harmony in the mind, and allows a unified flow of energy throughout the body.
Workshop will cover: History and philosophy of Qigong, relaxation, stress relief, body awareness and how Qigong assists in healing the body and more!
Preregistration is required, as printed materials will be distributed. Cost is $45.