Restorative Yoga with Jane

Jane will be leading a restorative yoga class Sunday, October 15th from 4 – 5:30 PM. Take some time for yourself. Take a step down your path of health and wellness by joining Jane on the mat. Come unwind from all the summer heat and all the back-to-school stress with this cooling practice. Restorative Yoga focuses on rest, relaxation and renewal. These gentle poses create physiological responses which are beneficial to your health and can reduce the effects of stress-related illness.The class is slow, deeply nurturing and suitable for all ages – particularly those with chronic pain or limitations. If you need to be healed or if you need rest, this is the class for you. All yoga mat postures are supported with yoga props (blankets, blocks, bolsters, chairs) and held for much longer than our traditional Hatha classes. Information may be found under “Schedule” then click on “Workshops”.