Welcome Massage to LAYC!


My name is Jen Christian and I have practiced the art of massage therapy for almost 13 years.  I specialize in chronic pain and repetitive motion injuries.  I am skilled in a wide range of modalities and enjoy working with children (6 and up) all the way up to our lovely parents and grandparents if they have need.  I can help with pain or discomfort in any area of the body though my favorites happen to be the neck, shoulders (upper back) and lower back (also gluteals).  I have a lot of experience with carpel tunnel, plantar fasciitis, Migraines, headaches, old injuries and new.  Of course I wouldn’t want to neglect
mentioning the divine deliciousness of my swedish massage.  I use my forearms and hands in a dance that soothes, unwinds and heals the heart and mind through the body’s release.  I look forward to meeting and walking with you on your path to healing.  Be well!

We are so excited to have Jen join LAYC. Massages are offered from 30-120 minutes at a range of $50-150. Please contact Jen direct at 678-301-9324 to schedule your appointment. Jen may be scheduled on Friday from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM beginning August 10th and she will be adding more days in the future.