Two Fantastic Classes~~March 14th and 15th

Join us in welcoming Shelly Bomb to our studio.  Shelly will be conducting our teacher training and offering us two special AntiGravity Aerial Yoga classes while she is visiting from NYC.  Wednesday, March 14th~~Flying Fitness~~We will be flying high and learning a few new “tricks” and Thursday, March 15th~~Restorative Yoga~~Taught by the developer of AGY Restorative~~That’s right, Shelly created the program and will be teaching us!  Both classes will be held from 7-9 PM at a cost of $50.  The classes are filling up, so sign up to reserve your hammock!  Shelly brings laughter and adreneline, inner peace and awareness together in the AntiGravity Aerial Hammock. She has been a performing and creative member of AntiGravity Aerial Yoga for over 10 years.  A believer in fun as a means to heal the nervous system, Shelly marries 20 years of meditation, yoga practice and instruction to her love of defying gravity. A deep sense of belonging permeates Shelly’s classes as she strives to see every student reach the extent of their personal ability in an environment of lightness, strength, and spiritual nurture. Also sharing her passion for healing in the realms of Reiki and guided meditation, Shelly strives within every class to open new pathways not only in the physical body, but also the mental, and energetic.  Join us!