AntiGravity Aerial Yoga Client Tells Her Story

By Brenda Byrne, Ireland

My first Antigravity Yoga experience.

My name is Brenda and I am 38 years of age, I had  been doing pole fitness for nearly 6 years until I found out I was pregnant in September 2010, until then I had been teaching pole fitness 4 nights a week, 3 hours per night so I was in good shape with great  upper, lower and core strength.  I loved my pole classes and found it a way to express who I was and time out away from normal day worries.  I had my beautiful baby girl May 2011 and found it hard to adjust to motherhood again, as my son is 17, so mentally and physically it took all my strength.  I tried swimming, walking and even bought an exercise bike to try get back to my ‘normal self, I found these very boring, so after 2 weeks I went  back on my pole, to my horror I could not even do a basic spin without falling to the floor, I knew then that it would take me a while to get my strength back.  After a few weeks I was able to climb and do basic inverts, but something was missing.  That ‘feel good’ hormone I use to get every time I went on the pole.  My confidence in myself started to deteriorate.  I felt useless.  I had left my old life behind, yet at the same time I had a beautiful little baby, but I needed something for myself.

AntiGravity Yoga was introduced to me by Laura from Labfitness when I was in my early stages of my pregnancy and I was informed of the next instructor course coming up July 2011, so I decided to sign up.  I had never tried AGY and was curious yet  excited.  I went to my first class the weekend of my training.  It was tough as I felt like I could do nothing compared to the other girls, but I kept telling myself I can do this.After the class I felt on top of the world, no words can describe the feeling i had.When you start training in any fitness it takes a while before you get that ‘feel good hormone’, I got it straight away.  AGY blew me away.  For the first time since having my baby I felt my core, upper body and lower body had a workout, but most importantly, I felt good about myself, mentally refreshed, as if all the bad feelings I had about myself had packed up and left, I came home feeling  so confident.  I could not believe how this class could change my body but most of all my mind.  I actually drove up to Drogheda to take a class the following week which is 1.5 hour drive from where I live as I live in Co Kildare, because I could not get enough of it.  I couldn’t and still cant stop raving about.  AGY, it has brought a smile back to my face and has given me a goal.  I thank Laura,Vanessa and all the team from Labfitness for introducing AGY to Ireland.